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Short Text

Character Set for the SAP System

Parameter Description

Specifies the character set to be used by the SAP System. For additional information, please see Error Notes 1407 and 2967, available in the SAP OSS (Online Service System) offering or direct from SAP or your SAP consultant.



Who is permitted to make changes?

Customer. However, you should in general not change the SAP default. If a different character set is specified, then it must be based upon ISO 88591. You can list the character sets available in your system with operating system commands, such as nlsinfo -l (HP-UX Unix) or locale -l (AIX, OSF/1, ULTRIX). For more information, please see SAP Note 1407 in the Online Service System.

Operating System Restrictions


Database System Restrictions


Are other parameters affected or dependent?


Are other parameters affected or dependent?

Must specify the same character set as install/codepage/appl_server. Note that the install parameter uses the SAP name of the character set, the abap parameter uses a different naming convention. You can check that the two correspond in the SAP character set maintenance function

(Tools – > Administration -> Spool -> Administration).

Values allowed

By default, the German character set is specified. Character set names are specific to the host operating system that you are using. For current specifications, please see the Installation Guide.

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