How to Add New Data File into Existing DBspace (Sybase IQ)

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In Sybase IQ, you can add new data files into the existing DBspace using the command line or SAP Control Center (Wizard). Personally, I would prefer to use the command line – it’s faster!

Using Command-Line

1. Connect to the dbisql.


2. Execute the following command (based on your dbspace requirements). In this example, we are adding new data files with sequence 5 to 7 (we have existing data files 1 – 4), each 10GB of size.

FILE ITSITI_005 'B:\ITSITI\siqdata\data\ITSITI_005.IQ' SIZE 10000,
FILE ITSITI_006 'B:\ITSITI\siqdata\data\ITSITI_006.IQ' SIZE 10000,
FILE ITSITI_007 'B:\ITSITI\siqdata\data\ITSITI_007.IQ' SIZE 10000

3. Confirm your creation from the operating level. Isn’t fast?

Using SAP Control Center

1. Login to the SAP Control Center and navigate to the following folders,

IQ Servers > Space Management > DB Files

2. Double click on DB Files and from the right panel, you will see the list of available DB files in the system. To add, click on DB Files again and select New.

Create New DB Files Sybase IQ

3. A dialog box prompted, select the Resource and DBspace (if you have multiple existing DBspace). Next, click Add.

Create DB File Wizard - Resource DBspace

4. Define the DB file details. Un-check Raw device. The reserve size automatically calculated. Click OK.

DB File Details

5. You can add multiple data files here. Once done, click on Finish. Confirm your creations are fine from the operating system level and SAP Control Center.

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