Adjust Windows 7 Maximum & Minimum Password Age

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Open the Local Security Policy (search from the Start Menu). Navigate to,

Security Settings > Account Policies > Password Policy

Windows 7 Max & Min Password Age

Double click on Maximum password age to adjust the maximum days of the password expiry. You can set passwords to expire in between 1 and 999. Put value as 0 if you want to set as never expire. The default value set is 42.

Maximum password age Properties

Double click on Minimum password age to adjust the minimum days of password expiry. The value can be set in between 1 and 998 days. It will allow the changes immediately if you set the value to 0. The minimum password age value need to be less than the Maximum password age (unless, if you set the Maximum password age to 0 – then you can set the Minimum password age value in any value of 0 – 998.

Minimum password age Properties

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