AL11: Wrong order of calls <- CALL opendir(,,..) in Windows Environment

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You are creating a directory from transaction code AL11 and when you try to click on it, below error coming out,

Wrong order of calls Message no. S1204


Depending on the scenario, you may refer to this SAP Note 117395 – Authorization problems for file I/O on Microsoft Windows.

In our case, we are referring to scenario number 2. You can refer to below statement which taken from SAP Note 117395.

All involved SAP system instances are a member of a Microsoft Windows workgroup or standalone server.

In this case, the various operating system users are valid locally on the servers only; this means that the conditions for the error described above are met. One possible way to avoid this situation is to incorporate the servers into a domain and switch the local users for domain users. However, because this can be associated with a lot of work (the startup users for each SAP service must be changed), you must weigh up whether the following method might make more sense.

You can work around the disadvantage of local validity by creating the users that require access to the remote resource with the same name and password on the target host (for example, on the server with the central transport directory).

Workgroup or standalone server:

SAP Note 117395


• 117395 – Authorization problems for file I/O on Microsoft Windows
1153833 – AL11 – Error when trying to open a subfolder of USER_DIR


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