Assign Default Printer Format Type in SAP

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On the SAP screen, press CTRL + P and you will get below screen. Click on Properties.

SAP Print Screen List

Double click on Format and you will see the Other Properties “Format” field below.

SAP Spool Request Properties for Output Device

From the Other Properties “Format”, you can select and define the default format of the printer.  FYI, the steps will be only affected on the user specifically.

SAP Format Printer Selections

Alternatively, you can assign the default format to the printer which will affects to all users that using the printer. To do this, execute transaction code SPAD, enter the output device name and press Enter. Next, jump to Tray Info (as below screenshot) and define the Page Format accordingly to the Tray (if there are trays on the printer). Finally, save your changes!

SPAD - Tray Info

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