BR1052E: File is already used by the database

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BR0259I Program execution will be continued...
BR1052E File is already used by the database - this can cause problems in backups
BR0669I Cannot continue due to previous warnings or errors - 
you can go back to repeat the last action


1. Login to the SQL. Execute the following command to trace either the data file is already existed or not.

SQL> select FILE_NAME from dba_data_files where TABLESPACE_NAME='PSAPSR3';

2. It is advisable not to delete the created data file. Recommended to create a new data based on the data numbering sequence. Let say, if the current data file is 100, so the next creation data file will be 101. Execute the BRTOOLS again and when comes to this part, choose 3 to define a new data file.

 1 * Last added file name (lastfile) ....... [/oracle/<SID>/sapdata4/sr3_100/sr3.data100]
 2 * Last added file size in MB (lastsize) . [2160]
 3 - New file to be added (file) ........... [/oracle/<SID>/sapdata4/sr3_101/sr3.data101]
 4 ~ Raw disk / link target (rawlink) ...... []
 5 - Size of the new file in MB (size) ..... [2160]
 6 - File autoextend mode (autoextend) ..... [yes]
 7 - Maximum file size in MB (maxsize) ..... [10000]
 8 - File increment size in MB (incrsize) .. [20]
 9 - SQL command (command) ................. []

3. After the data file is defined, you can continue extending the tablespace as per normal procedure.

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