Change Options not Visible in MOPZ & Maintenance Planner

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In MOPZ (Maintenance Optimizer) or Maintenance Planner, you notice that there are no selections to choose the change options (operation) ie for EHP updates or Add-On products.

MOPZ - Operations - Change Options


Taken from SAP Note 2021173 – Product version is not visible in MOPZ


• The license check at the Software Download Center fails.

• Possible causes for the license check fail:

1. You used a wrong S user
2. The product version is under Ramp Up, but your company does not participate in the Ramp Up
3. Your company does not have a license for the product version you are trying to download.


• Check that you can see the files for the product version you want in the Software Download Center: , with the same S user that you used for the Maintenance Optimizer transaction

• Check whether the product version you are trying to download is in Ramp Up at

• Contact your local SAP Contracts department. More information at


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