Change Password for DBM Operator, Database User in MaxDB

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You can change the passwords for MaxDB Database Manager Operator (DBM Operator) and Database User (SYSDBA, DBA User) using the Database Manager GUI. As per SAP standard, user for Database Manager Operator is defined as CONTROL and Database User as SUPERDBA, SAPSR3, SAPR3, SAPor SAPDB.

1. The steps taken for both are almost the same. Open your Database Manager GUI and connect to the database instance. Go to Instance > Configuration. Select DBM Operator or Database User based on which user type you wanted to change.

2. In this example, we are going to change the password for SUPERDBA (SYSDBA). So, we are going to choose Database Users. A pop up will prompt a username and password to fill in. Enter the appropriate information and press Enter.

3. Double click on the SUPERDBA. On General tab, click on Change. You can now change the password.

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