How to Change Password for sidadm & SAPServiceSID in Windows

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In SAP on Windows operating system environment, below 2 SAP system users are created with password assigned during the installation.

sidadmThe SAP system administrator who has unlimited access to all local resources related to SAP systems
SAPServiceSIDA special user who runs the Windows services related to SAP systems.


Basically, you can change password for both users if required. Follow below steps,

** Below example is tested on Windows Server 2008 R2 environment. You can use the same steps for Windows Server 2012.

1. First, login to the operating system using sidadm.

2. Open the SAP Management Console and bring down the SAP system.

2. Next, enter CTRL + ALT + END and click on Change a password.

Change Password sidadm & SAPServiceSID

3. Enter the old and new password for sidadm. Confirm the password entered is correct.

Enter New Password sidadm & SAPServiceSID

4. Now logoff and login with the new password just to double check and confirm.Repeat the same procedure for SAPServiceSID.

5. Open the Services and look for service name SAPSID_XX. Double click on it and jump to Log On tab. Change the password that you maintained on the step number 3.

Service Password SAPServiceSID

6. Once done, restart the services and restart the SAP system using the SAP Management Console. Please check and verify the SAP system is up and running fine.

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