Change Solaris Default Telnet Banner

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The  banner  printed  by  in.telnetd is  configurable.  The default is (more or less) equivalent to `uname -sr` and will be used if no banner is set in /etc/default/telnetd. To  set the banner, add a line of the form to /etc/default/telnetd.

# cat /etc/default/telnetd

• The default banner may be obtained by

BANNER="\\r\\n\\r\\n`uname -s` `uname -r`\\r\\n\\r\\n"

• and no banner will be printed if /etc/default/telnetd contains


1. As an example, create a message banner when you are connecting to a Solaris system.

# vi /etc/default/telnetd
BANNER="\\n\\nHello User, Welcome to the system\\n\\n"

2. Test the telnet, you will see the telnet banner messages like this..

# telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Hello User, Welcome to the system


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