How to Check SAP HANA Version

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There are multiple ways of checking the SAP HANA database version. You may follow below steps,


From the System > Status , look for Database data. From here, you will get the Release.

SAP GUI - Database Data

Using SAP HANA Studio

Once you logged in, right click on the system. Select Configuration and Monitoring > Open Administration.

You will find the information under the Overview tab,

HANA Studio - DB Version

Using Command Line

Login to the operating system and execute the command, HDB version.

/usr/sap/SID/HDB00> HDB version
HDB version info:
  branch:              fa/hana1sp12
  git hash:            d236468215345gdfg75678a676573a4
  git merge time:      2017-01-25 09:50:42
  weekstone:           0000.00.0
  compile date:        2017-01-25 10:00:24
  compile host:        tg775
  compile type:        rel

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