How to Clone Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

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This tutorial will show you on how to clone a virtual machine using Oracle VirtualBox. In this tutorial, we have provide 2 methods of cloning the virtual machine. You can follow the method you liked!

Before you start the cloning, make sure you have stop all the applications and shutdown the virtual machine.

Method 1

Launch the VirtualBox. Select the source (original) virtual machine and go to Machine > Clone. You can also use keyboard shortcut, CTRL + O.

Virtual VM Clone - VM

Enter the new virtual machine name. By default, VirtualBox will define the name “clone” at the end of the source (original) virtual machine. Please check the option, Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards. Click Next.

Virtual VM Clone - New VM Name

Choose Full clone. You can read the clone type description from below screenshots. Click Clone.

Virtual VM Clone - Clone Options

The clone progress.

Virtual VM Clone - Clone Progress

Once the cloning process completed, you will see the clone system from the virtual machine list.

Virtual VM Clone - Clone Done

Method 2

Copy the source Virtual Disk Image to a new name.

Next, go to the VirtualBox installation directory, (example – C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox) and execute the following command. “F:\VM\ITsiti_new.vdi” is the path of your newly copied Virtual Disk Image from the above step.

VBOXMANAGE.EXE internalcommands sethduuid "F:\VM\ITsiti_new.vdi"

So now, open the Oracle VirtualBox and click on New (CTRL + N). Key in the name and operating system as same with the source system. Click Next.

VM Clone - Create VM

Define the memory size. Recommended to use the suggested memory size but if your system is powerful – you can assign more, it’s up to you! Click Next.

VM Clone - Memory Size

On this stage, select the option Use an existing virtual hard drive file. Then, click Create. Your clone virtual machine creation is now complete!

VM Clone - Hard Drive

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