cmhaltpkg: Halt a High Availability Package on HPUX

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cmhaltpkg performs a manual halt of high availability package(s) running on Serviceguard clusters. To  stop  a package, a user must either be superuser.

This command may be run on any node within the cluster and may operate on any package within the cluster.  If the -n option is specified, the package will only be halted if it is currently running on that node. If the -n option is not specified, the package will be halted regardless of where it is currently running. When a package is halted, package switching is disabled for that package.


• -n node_name: Acts  only  on a specific node.  If the package is not running on the specified node, it will not be halted.

• -v: Verbose output will be displayed.


A sequence of cmhaltpkg and cmrunpkg commands may be used to move a package from one node to another. For example, the package may be halted on one node and then run on a new node, provided that the package is enabled for the new node. To move package package1 to node node2, do the following:

# cmhaltpkg package1
# cmrunpkg -n node2 package1
# cmmodpkg -e package1 (to enable package switching, if desired)


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