cmrunpkg: Run a High Availability Package on HP-UX

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cmrunpkg runs a high availability package(s) that was previously halted. To start a package, a user must either be superuser. This command may be run on any node within the cluster and may operate on any package within the cluster.  If a node is not specified, the node on which the command is run will be used. This will result in an error if the current node is not able to run the package or is not in the list of possible owners of the package. When a package is started on a new node, the package’s run script is executed.   The following are the possible errors from a run script:

• 0: The package has been successfully started.

• 1: The  package  could  not be started and the package should not be restarted on any other node.  Switching for this package becomes disabled.

• 2: The package could not be started but the package may be restarted on another node in the cluster.

If the package was previously halted, the global switching for the package will still be disabled until a cmmodpkg -e is done on the package.


• -n  node_name: Act on a specific node. If this option is not specified, the node on which the command is run will be  used.

• -v: Verbose output will be displayed.


A sequence of cmhaltpkg and cmrunpkg commands may be used to move a package from one node to another. For example, the package may be halted on one node and then run on a new node, provided that the package is enabled for the new node. To move package package1 to node node1, do the following:

# cmhaltpkg package1
# cmrunpkg -n node1 package1
# cmmodpkg -e package1 (to enable global package switching, if desired)


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