cmviewcl: High Availability Cluster Information on HP-UX

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cmviewcl displays the current status information of a cluster. Output can be displayed for the whole cluster or it may be limited to particular nodes or packages. To view cluster information, a user must be superuser(UID=0), or have an access policy of MONITOR allowed in the cluster configuration  file, or have a policy of PACKAGE_ADMIN in a package’s configuration file.

# cmviewcl

server       up

NODE         STATUS       STATE
server1      up           running

child1       up           running      enabled      server1

NODE         STATUS       STATE
server2      up           running
server3      up           running

child2       up           running      enabled      server2
child3       up           running      enabled      server2
child4       up           running      enabled      server2


• -v: Verbose output will be displayed.

• -c cluster_name: Name of the cluster to view.  If this option is omitted, cmviewcl will display information about the current cluster that the local node belongs to.

• -n node_name: View  information  only  about  the specific node_name(s), including information about the packages that are running on these nodes.

• -p package_name: View information only about the specific package_name(s).

• -l package|cluster|node|group: Limit the output to display only package, cluster, node, or group specific information.

 Output Informations

• CLUSTER: Name of the cluster.  This name will be used to identify the cluster.

• STATUS: Status of the cluster, node, package, etc.  Status is either “up”, “down”, “starting”, “halting” or “unknown”.  “unknown”  is a  special  status  to  denote that we cannot collect enough information to exactly determine whether the item is up or down, e.g., when some of the nodes in the cluster cannot be reached over the network.

• NODE: Name of the node.

• STATE: The  action  that  the  node  or  package is currently taking (if any).  The normal state is running.  However, a node may be reforming which means that a new node is joining the cluster, or one or more nodes have lost connection with each other.

Additional options and output information can be found from cmviewcl man page or here

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