Find Differences in SAP Program, Object, Structure using Version Mgmt

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The SAP version management is a really handy tools especially for developers to look out any differences between programs, objects, function modules or structures in the SAP system. Using this tool, users can easily track what changes have been done (with the transport request number reference) and who was performing the activity. Also, BASIS person can use the same function to review the differences of the programs, object and etc during the SPAU and SPDD phase of support packages upgrade.

Example, you want to compare the versions of program SAPMV45A.

Execute transaction code SE38. Select option Source code under the Subobjects. Press Display. Next, go to Utilities > Versions > Versions Management.

SE38 - Version Management

In this screen, you will see the active and the previous inactive versions available for the program. You can also get the Author (who performed the change) , transport number request and time of changes.

SE38 - Version Management Result

To compare, select the active version and the previous version, then press F8. The page will show the differences as below.

SE38 - Version Management Compare

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