How to Copy SAP Role Between Clients or Systems

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You can use the method download / upload method from transaction code PFCG to perform the SAP role copying between clients or systems. Aside to below method, you can also refer to this article, How to Transport SAP Roles which taught on how to copy SAP role using the transport way.

This method involved 2 steps, download the SAP role from the source system / client and upload to target system / client.

Source System / Client

Execute transaction code PFCG, fill in the SAP role name and press enter. From the top menu, select on Role > Download. Define the download location.

Target System / Client

Execute transaction code PFCG and from the top menu, select on Role > Upload. If the role already existed in the target system / client – just press on Enter. Once uploaded, you will need to some authorization profile check / generation and user comparison.

You have completed copying the SAP role!

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