How to Create / Replace SAP Portal Key Pair and Public-Key Certificate

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Things to follow before you proceed the key pair and public key certificate,

• The key pair must exist in the keystore view TicketKeystore.
• The entry must have the name SAPLogonTicketKeypair.
• Store the public-key certificate using the Store certificate option.
• Use the DSA algorithm.
• Use capital letters for the Country Name.

1. Launch the Visual Administrator.

2. Navigate to the following, Services > Key Storage > TicketKeystore. Delete the expired key pair and public certificate.

VA - Key Storage

3. Under Entry, choose Create. Enter the information as required. Once done, choose Generate. The SAPLogonTicketKeypair-cert will automatically created.

VA - Key and Certificate Generation

4. Now, you can import this key pair into all ticket-accepting systems. The J2EE Engine will use the public-key certificate to digitally sign logon tickets.

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