Create SAP Transaction Code Shortcut in Windows Desktop

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The SAP transaction code might be useful for users which are always handling the same daily task – accessing the same SAP transaction code every day. You can create the SAP transaction code shortcut on your desktop as below steps.

In the initial screen of SAP Easy Access. Right click from the transaction code lists (from SAP Menu / Favorites) and select Create shortcut on the desktop. As example, you create the shortcut of transaction code SBWP.

SAP Menu - Create Shortcut on Desktop

Click OK to allow the shortcut creation.

SAP GUI Security - Always allow in this context

You will see the shortcut created on your Windows desktop.

Transaction Code in Desktop Short Cut

To test, double click on the shortcut. Click OK to allow.

SAP GUI Security - Always allow in this context

Enter your username and password.

SAP Login Box Dialog

You will directly jump to SBWP screen.

SBWP - Business Workplace

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