Steps to Create User in SAP

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In SAP system, any new user creation is managed from transaction code SU01. Normally, this request is handled by SAP security person. Before be created, you must have the necessary information on the user profile such as Title, First/Last Name, Department, Contacts, Profiles, Roles and etc.

Run T-Code SU01, enter the user name and click Create [F8].

 On the next screen, fill in the appropriate field – Title, Last / First Name, Department and etc.

Under Logon data tab, fill in the password and User type. The password maintained is the initial password and user may need to change it again upon log in. For User type, normally, for end user, it will be set as Dialog. You can set the Validity period date for the user as well.

In Roles tab, you can add the user roles. The Roles are related to the Profiles and make sure the proper authorization been assigned. Normally, the user is assigned based on the position – Example, if the person is a accountant, then you should assign only related accounting roles and profiles.

For authorization, click on Profiles and add the authorizations. Do not assign SAP_ALL or SAP_NEW
to the users.

Click on Save. The new user is now created and you can pass back to user for testing!

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