DB2 Backup, Restore & Recovery Operations Monitoring

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You can use the LIST UTILITIES command to monitor backup, restore, and rollforward operations on a database. Issue the LIST UTILITIES command and specify the SHOW DETAIL option.

db2 list utilities show detail

ID                               = 6
Type                             = BACKUP
Database Name                    = ITSITI
Partition Number                 = 0
Description                      = online db
Start Time                       = 15/04/2011 11:15:22.756644
State                            = Executing
Invocation Type                  = User
Priority                      = Unthrottled
Progress Monitoring:
Estimated Percentage Complete = 15
Total Work                 = 65465345 bytes
Completed Work             = 46546546 bytes
Start Time                 = 15/04/2011 11:00:00.756644

Backup Operation

Initial estimate of the number of bytes to be processed will be specified. As the backup operation progresses the number of bytes to be processed will be updated. The bytes shown does not correspond to the size of the image and should not be used as an estimate for backup image size. The actual image might be much smaller depending on whether it is an incremental or compressed backup.

Restore operation

No initial estimate will be given. Instead UNKNOWN will be specified. As each buffer is read from the image, the actual amount of bytes read will be updated. For automatic incremental restore operations where multiple images might be restored, the progress will be tracked using phases. Each phase represents an image to be restored from the incremental chain. Initially, only one phase will be indicated. After the first image is restored, the total number of phases will be indicated. As each image is restored the number of phases completed will be updated, as will the number of bytes processed.

Crash Recovery & Rollforward Recovery

There will be two phases of progress monitoring: FORWARD and BACKWARD. During the FORWARD phase, log files are read and the log records are applied to the database. For crash recovery, the total amount of work is estimated using the starting log sequence number up to the end of the last log file. For rollforward recovery, when this phase begins UNKNOWN will be specified for the total work estimate. The amount of work processed in bytes will be updated as the process continues.During the BACKWARD phase, any uncommitted changes applied during the FORWARD phase are rolled back. An estimate for the amount of log data to be processed in bytes will be provided. The amount of work processed in bytes will be updated as the process continues.

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