Delete Imported Request in SAP

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1. Execute transaction code STMS_IMPORT. Go to Extras > Delete Imported Request.

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8 Responses to “Delete Imported Request in SAP”

  1. Manish Naik says:

    Dear Team,

    Can you please confirm from this steps TP delete from Q only or delete logs also(co-files,data-file /usr/sap/trans

    Please confirm

    Manish Naik.

    • Siti says:

      Hi Manish,

      The step is only to delete the imported requests logs (history) from the import queue. The co-files and data files will be remained at the OS level.

  2. Kumar Mitra says:

    Hi Basisfreak,

    the co and dat files must be deleted at os level or what ! If so, what sould be the time frame !! Should one archive those requests before deletion and what to do with them !!
    ‘will be pleased for your tip.

    Kumar Mitra/Germany

    • Siti says:

      Hi Kumar,

      By right, the imported request should not be deleted! The imported request will be needed for future references, audits and others. The steps just showing to delete on SAP level only. I would advise to leave the co-file and data file in OS level. But, why you wanted to delete the imported request?

      • Kumar Mitra says:

        Hi !

        Because we have a service provider for SAP and it’s hardware(discs, etc. ).

        The reason why we want to delete:

        It takes a lot of disc space which costs us $8 per GB per month ! So, if we reduce the disc load, we will pay less !! This is the opinion of my boss to save a couple of dollers
        so that he can be a CIO !!

        Kumar from Germany

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