Delete Imported Request in SAP

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1. Execute transaction code STMS_IMPORT. Go to Extras > Delete Imported Request.

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  • Manish Naik

    Dear Team,

    Can you please confirm from this steps TP delete from Q only or delete logs also(co-files,data-file /usr/sap/trans

    Please confirm

    Manish Naik.

    • Siti

      Hi Manish,

      The step is only to delete the imported requests logs (history) from the import queue. The co-files and data files will be remained at the OS level.

      • vijay

        Is there any way that we can delete log for a particular imported request ?
        As the above option will delete complete logs….

        • Siti

          Just select/highlight the imported request and select the above options.

  • Kumar Mitra

    Hi Basisfreak,

    the co and dat files must be deleted at os level or what ! If so, what sould be the time frame !! Should one archive those requests before deletion and what to do with them !!
    ‘will be pleased for your tip.

    Kumar Mitra/Germany

    • Siti

      Hi Kumar,

      By right, the imported request should not be deleted! The imported request will be needed for future references, audits and others. The steps just showing to delete on SAP level only. I would advise to leave the co-file and data file in OS level. But, why you wanted to delete the imported request?

      • Kumar Mitra

        Hi !

        Because we have a service provider for SAP and it’s hardware(discs, etc. ).

        The reason why we want to delete:

        It takes a lot of disc space which costs us $8 per GB per month ! So, if we reduce the disc load, we will pay less !! This is the opinion of my boss to save a couple of dollers
        so that he can be a CIO !!

        Kumar from Germany

        • Siti

          haha..that’s one nice reason! BTW, there are still many files,logs can be deleted.

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