Delete Private User Folder in SAP

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1. Execute transaction code SE38. Fill in the field with RSSO_DELETE_PRIVATE and click execute.

If you use report RSSO_DELETE_PRIVATE, report RSSODLOLD is no longer necessary. All of its functions are included. Report RSSO_DELETE_PRIVATE also contains enhanced selection criteria for the selection of documents. Some of the new options are described below.


• Minimum age (days)
You can enter a number here. Only documents that are older than the specified number of days are taken into account.
• Document class, object year, object number
Correspond to the document ID on the database. A document can be clearly identified in this way. The object year is a number, which begins in 1975 with 0 Therefore, object year 30 is the year 2005. You can find values for the fields mentioned above in transaction SOST (for example), by choosing ‘Details’ for a send request. A document can be located in several folders.
• Only expired documents
If the indicator is selected, only documents for which an expiry date is set and for which the expiry date has already passed are taken into account


• Maximum number of hits
If a value is specified here, a maximum of the number of data specified here is read (and deleted, if necessary).
• Packet size
The data is read and processed by the database in packages of the size specified here. A database commit is then carried out in the productive run. The parameter only affects the runtime and main memory requirement. If the value is very small, you cannot implement a possible performance improvement by reading and deleting in packages, as increasing the value does not necessarily lead to any improvement in performance. The greater the value set, the more working memory is required.
• Issue folder contents
Title and IDs of all read or deleted documents are displayed in the list of results. This can be used for follow-up after the deletion, but should be used with caution since the output list can become very large. If the indicator is not selected, only the number of deleted documents per folder is issued. In the online run (and selected test indicator) you can display the individual document titles, regardless of this setting, by clicking on a row of the output list.

Test mode

• If this indicator is selected, no documents are deleted. This mode can be used to identify documents to be deleted in different folders. If the indicator is not selected, a confirmation prompt appears in the online run when you execute.

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