Delete SAP Spool Number

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If the SAP spool numbers reached 100% or getting full, you need to delete the spool numbers to make sure the print is working properly. Below are the steps and procedure to follow to reduce the spool numbers.

1. Verify the SAP_REORG_SPOOL_NEW is executed (check on a day before till today’s date) in SM37. This job will delete the old spool requests and need to be run on daily basis.

2. If the job is not run, you need to manually execute the report RSPO1041 in transaction SE38. Click on execute button and it will delete the old spool requests.

3. Aside to number 2 step, you can delete the old spool request via transaction code SP01. At SP01, list all the spool request according to the selected date. Click on the recycle bin icon to proceed with the deletions.

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