How to Delete Transaction Code from Role in SAP

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Execute transaction code PFCG and enter the desire role. Click on the pencil icon to switch into change mode. Jump to Menu tab.

PFCG - Menu

Click on the binocular icon (next to printer icon) to search the transaction code for deleting. Enter the transaction code name and press Enter.

PFCG - Search Tcode

The transaction code role menu tree will appear. You can use the following menu tree to locate the transaction code easily.

PFCG - Tcode Menu Tree

As for this example, the transaction code SQ01 is located at 2 different places. You can drill down the menu tree as following,

1) Logistics
2) Information Systems > Ad Hoc Reports

PFCG - Locate Tcode Menu Tree

Highlight the transaction code and click the delete button (bin icon). Save your change, regenerate the profile and do the user comparison. You are now done!

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