diag: Performs Hardware Problem Determination

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The diag command is the starting point to run a wide choice of tasks and service aids. Most of the tasks/service aids are platform specific. The following tasks and service aids are available:

• Run Diagnostics
• Display or Change Diagnostic Run Time Options
• Display Service Hints
• Display Previous Diagnostic Results
• Display Hardware Error Report
• Display Software Product Data
• Display Configuration and Resource List
• Display Hardware Vital Product Data
• Display Resource Attributes
• Change Hardware Vital Product Data
• Format Media
• Certify Media
• Display Test Patterns
• Local Area Network Analyzer
• Add Resource to Resource List
• Delete Resource from Resource List
• SCSI Bus Analyzer
• Download Microcode
• Display or Change Bootlist
• Periodic Diagnostics
• Backup and Restore Media
• Disk Maintenance
• Configure Dials and LPFkeys
• Add or Delete Drawer Config
• Create Customized Configuration Diskette
• Update Disk Based Diagnostics
• Configure ISA Adapter
• Operating System Shell Prompt (Online Service Mode only)
• Display or Change Multiprocessor Configuration
– Enable and disable individual processors
• Display or change BUMP Configuration
– Update the flash EPROM with a new binary image
– Display or change diagnostic modes
– Display or change remote phone numbers and modem configurations
• Display or Change Electronic Mode Switch
• Process Supplemental Media (Standalone Mode only)
• Generic Microcode Download
• Run Error Log Analysis
• Service Aids for Use with Ethernet
• Update System Flash in AIX® 5.1 and earlier (RSPC)
• Configure Ring Indicate Power-On in AIX® 5.1 and earlier (RSPC)
• Configure Service Processor in AIX® 5.1 and earlier (RSPC)
• Save or Restore Service Processor Configuration in AIX® 5.1 and earlier (RSPC)
• Display Machine Check Error Log in AIX® 5.1 and earlier (RSPC)
• 7135 RAIDiant Array Service Aids
• SCSI Device Identification and Removal
• SCSD Tape Drive Service Aid
• Escon Bit Error Rate Service Aid
• SSA Service Aid
• PCI RAID Physical Disk Identify
• Configure Ring Indicate Power On Policy (CHRP)
• Configure Surveillance Policy (CHRP)
• Configure Reboot Policy (CHRP)
• Configure Remote Maintenance Policy (CHRP)
• Save or Restore Hardware Management Policies (CHRP)
• Display Firmware Device Node Information (CHRP)
• Spare Sector Availability
• Update System or Service Processor Flash (CHRP)
• Display System Environmental Sensors (CHRP)
• Display Checkstop Analysis Results
• Analyze Adapter Internal Log
• Log Repair Action
• Flash SK-NET FDDI Firmware
• Display Microcode Level

Additional note:
Access Control: Only the root user can run this command. Privilege Control: System group.

• To run diagnostics on the scdisk0 device, without questions, enter:

diag -d scdisk0 -c

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