Disable Sendmail in AIX

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1. To stop the sendmail process, find the sendmail process id by performing one of these actions:
• Use the ps command to get a list of processes.

# ps -eaf | grep sendmail

• Read the process id in the file /etc/sendmail.pid

# more /etc/sendmail.pid.

2. Stop the sendmail process by typing this command and the process id, for example:

# kill -9 <process_id>

3. Verify that sendmail is stopped by typing this command:

# ps -eaf | grep sendmail

4. To keep sendmail from restarting when the server is restarted, perform these steps:
• Navigate to the /etc directory and look for rc.* files.

# cd /etc
# ls -lrt | grep rc.*

2. Using a text editor, open either the rc.d or rc.local file.

# vi /etc/rc.*

3. Use a number sign (#) to comment out the line that starts sendmail.

# <the-line-that-starts-Sendmail.

4. Save the file.


5. Restart the server.

# reboot

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