How to Lock All SM59 RFC Connection via Oracle Command

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As part of the SAP system refresh activities, you are required to disable the SM59 RFC connections in case they are pointing to the wrong systems!

The Oracle command below was taken from below link (credit to the original post).

Quick n Dirty Disable all RFC hosts after production system refresh to QA (to stop RFC outbound leaks) // Glenn Cadman

So, log in to the Oracle sqlplus and hit below command,

1. Take a backup of rfcdes table.

SQL> create table sapr3.rfcdes_BACKUP as select * from sapr3.rfcdes;

2. Below command will updating the SM59 hostname.

SQL> update sapr3.rfcdes set rfcoptions=replace(rfcoptions,’H=’,’H=LOCKED.’);

SQL> commit;


If you want to revert the SM59 RFC setting to the original, execute below command,

SQL> update sapr3.rfcdes set rfcoptions=replace(rfcoptions,’H=LOCKED.’,’H=’);

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