Enable Full AIX Core Files

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When a failure occurs, the most important diagnostic data to obtain is the system dump. With full core dumps enabled, all native thread details are stored in the system dump. You must have the correct settings to ensure that the system dump (process core file) is generated when a failure occurs.

1. Set the following ulimit options

• Turn on corefiles with unlimited size

# ulimit -c unlimited

• Allows an unlimited number of open file descriptors

# ulimit -n unlimited

• Sets the user data limit to unlimited

# ulimit -d unlimited

• Sets the file limit to unlimited

# ulimit -f unlimited

2. Verify the unlimit parameters

# ulimit -a

3. Login to smitty as root. Go to System Environments > Change/Show Characteristics of Operating System. Set the Enable full CORE dump option to TRUE. Ensure that the Use pre-430 style CORE dump option is set to FALSE. Alternatively, you can run:

# chdev -l sys0 -a fullcore='true' -a pre430core='false'

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