R3trans: OCI-call ‘OCIEnvCreate’ failed: rc = -1

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• During SAP system startup, you received below

ABAP Database is not available via R3trans
ABAP Database SID must be started on remote server

• R3trans execution returned with RC=12 and trans.log file shows,

> R3trans -d
R3trans finished (0012).
4 ETW000  [dboci.c,00000]  *** ERROR => OCI-call 'OCIEnvCreate(mode=1324)' failed: rc = -1
4 ETW000  [dev trc,00000]     set_ocica() -> OCI or SQL return code -1     
4 ETW000  [dboci.c,00000]  *** ERROR => OCI-call 'OCIErrorGet' failed: rc = -2


• Kernel upgrade (CI/Apps server & DB server are not in same host)


• There are several types of OCI-call errors (oracle), you may need to read more on Oracle documentation for details. You can from the return call itself.
• Under SIDadm & oraSID, check and confirm all environment settings are properly maintained. You need to check your operating system types. Different operating systems may have different environment settings. Details can be get from SAP Note 602843.
• SAP Note 521230
• SAP Note 588739
• SAP Note 830578
Oracle Call Interface

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