EWA – Data for this session is overdue, not arrived

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You are getting below error message on your EWA,

EWA - Data for this session is overdue, not arrived


Full explanation and resolution from SAP Note 1769513 – EWA not generated – session data is overdue (red flag status).

Basically, below items need to be check,

1. The *back RFC must be working and also defined in SDCCN.
2. Ensure the landscape definition needs to be accurately defined and the product and product version must match what is actually installed on the managed system.
3. Look for errors in the SDCCN EWA task log, such as Function Modules not found, or encountered errors during processing.
4. Check the Task processor on the managed system is functioning.


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• 700518 – SAP Service Sessions: How To Do Error Analysis
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