How to Find Database Space Information on Sybase IQ

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You must have the DBA authority before be able to execute the command. Else, you must be granted with EXECUTE permission.

The command below will basically tells you on the detailed information about each IQ dbspace.


DBspace Syabse IQ

To specifically list the DBspace, you need to define the DBspace name,

sp_iqdbspace [DBSpace-Name];
Column nameDescription
DBSpaceName Name of the dbspace as specified in the CREATE DBSPACE statement. Dbspace names are case-insensitive for databases created with CASE RESPECT.
DBSpaceType Type of the dbspace (MAIN or TEMPORARY only).
Writable T (writable) or F (not writable).
Online T (online) or F (offline).
Usage Percent of dbspace currently in use by all files in the dbspace.
TotalSize Total size of all files in the dbspace in the units B (bytes) / K (kilobytes) / M (megabytes) / G (gigabytes) / T (terabytes) or P (petabytes).
Reserve Total reserved space that can be added to all files in the dbspace.
NumFiles Number of files in the dbspace.
NumRWFiles Number of read/write files in the dbspace.
Stripingon T (On) or F (Off).
StripeSize Amount of data written to the dbspace before moving to the next dbspace if disk striping is on.
BlkTypes Space used by both user data and internal system structures.
OkToDrop ‘Y’ indicates the dbspace can be dropped; otherwise ‘N’.


Sybase IQ

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