How to Find the Transport Request Import Status (Return Code) in SAP

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There are multiple ways to determine the transport request import status (return codes) in SAP system. You can following one of the following methods.

Method 1

Using the transaction code STMS_IMPORT. From the top menu, go to Edit > Display More. You can get the import status under the RC (return code) column. You may need to move your scroll over the icon to get the status details.

STMS_IMPORT - Return Code Status

Method 2

Execute the transaction code STMS_IMPORT and highlight the transport number. Then, click on Logs (CTRL + F4).


You will get the Overview of Transport Logs screen and from here, you will find the same status as in Method 1 but with more details. This method is recommended if you are facing error during the import execution.

STMS_IMPORT - Overview of Transport Logs

Method 3

Using the transaction code SE07: Transport Import Monitor Status.

Method 4

Using the transaction code SE01: Transport Organizer. Enter the transport request number and choose Logs.

SE01-Transport Organizer

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