How to Generate Data & Cofile from Local Change Transport Request

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You have released a transport request and noticed that there are no data and cofile generated. When you double check on the transaction code SE01 – You realized that the transport request is a local transport request.

SE01 - Local Change Requests


Login to client where the transport request is originally created. Execute transaction code SE01, enter the transport number and double click on it to get into below screenshot.

Now, jump to Properties tab and switch to change mode. Enter the Target system and press Save. You can release the transport again and the data and cofile will be generates.

SE01 - Properties - Target

Alternatively, another way of doing this is by creating a transport of copies.


In a case where you have released the transport request – You can “unreleased” it back by following this article, Change Released SAP Transport to Unreleased (Modifiable).


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