How to Generate the System Info XML for Maintenance Planner Upload

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Below steps are taken from SAP Note 2287046 – How to Generate the System Info XML for Maintenance Planner upload. Do refer the SAP Note for more details and information.

1. You SPAM version should be at least at level 59 or higher.

SPAM - Support Package Manager Display Only

2. From the top menu, click on Utilities > Generate system info XML.

SPAM - Utilities - Generate system info XML

3. Save the XML file to your local computer.


4. Include the sysinfo.xml to your Customer Incident. Provide the Customer Number and S-User to upload to.


1. For JAVA stacks system, do open an incident in component BC-UPG-TLS-TLJ and request that it be forwarded to Development Support.

2. If the below scenarios do not apply, you must sync from Solution Manager.

• You are a High Security Customer and do not have an RFC connecting your Solution Manager system to the SAP Backbone systems and want to use Maintenance Planner with the systems Included in “Explore Systems”.

• You are a customer who wants to move to S/4HANA and use Maintenance Planner.

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