Get the Access Control Information of a File in AIX

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In normal UNIX, Linux operating systems environment – You can execute the command ls -lrt to
get the access control information of any file. In AIX operating system, you can also use command
aclget to get the same information.


To get the access information on itsiti file, type aclget itsiti. You will get the base permissions
on owner, group and others attributes.

aclget itsiti
* ACL_type   AIXC
base permissions
    owner(root):  rwx
    group(system):  rwx
    others:  rwx
extended permissions

If you want to copy the access control information on one file to another file, execute the below command. As result, the file ara will have the same access control as file itsiti.

aclget itsiti | aclput ara


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