Global information cannot be read

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Global information cannot be read
Message no. PU823

The global information could not be read for user SAP*.

This may be caused by the following:

Operating system file \\ITSITI\sapmnt\trans\sapnames\SAP* is read-protected
Directory in which it is searched for does not exist or is write-protected

System Response
The function terminates.

Inform your system administrator about this problem, giving the file name (\\ITSITI\sapmnt\trans\sapnames\SAP*), the name of the SAP system (DEV), and the host name (ITSITI).


Most probably the error is due to the following items,

• The directory has NOT been assigned with the right permission. Do check the directory permission and ownership.
• The mentioned directory is not there. If so, do create the directory and assigned the permission / ownership appropriately.


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