How to Activate Flight Recorder in SOLMAN

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To set the profile parameter, proceed as follows:

• On a dual stack system, use transaction RZ10. If you having difficulties maintaining using transaction RZ10, please use the same step as J2EE (set the parameter to the instance profile in the file system)

• On a J2EE only system, add the parameter manually to the J2EE instance profile in the file system.

Set the following profile parameter:

jstartup/recorder = java -classpath ../j2ee/cluster/bootstrap/launcher.jar ../j2ee/cluster/bootstrap -node %nodeID% %startTime% -bz $(DIR_GLOBAL) –exitcode %exitcode%

In transaction RZ10, this parameter is longer than one line. Make sure the line breaks are correct, and that no additional characters are added to the parameter when inserting the string.

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