How to Clear Deleted Domains from Hostgator Awstat (Web Traffic cPanel)

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For any Hostgator subscribers out there, if you realized – The Awstat will still showing the data of  deleted domains from the cPanel screen. From my screenshot below, only and are active, other domains are already deleted before. But, the domains are still there. So, how we are going to remove them?

Hostgator Awstats

Okay, before we jump to the solution – you can view the screen above by clicking on View All Traffic link under Website Traffic panel. This panel is located on the right side of your cPanel page.

Hostgator Website Traffic


Click on File Manager.

cPanel File Manager

Double click on tmp > awstats folder directory. So in awstats directory, you need to select all the non-existence domains and delete them all.

Hostgator Awstats Delete Temp

Once done, go back to Awstat page. All the deleted domains will no more list there.

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