How to Grant User / Group Access to SQL Server Database

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1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio. Navigate to the following tree, Security > Logins. Then, right click and select New Login.

SQL - New Login

2. Click on Search > Object Types and  check on Groups box. By default, the Groups box is unchecked.

Object Type - Group

3. In General page, enter the login name. If you are in domain network, please put the domain name as well. The login name is applicable for both user and group. Accept the default values as per screenshot.

General - Login name

4. In Server Roles page, define to which server roles are required.

Server Roles - SQL

5. Next, in User Mapping page, define the mapping for the login.

User Mapping - SQL

6. Leave the Securables page as default.

Securables - SQL

7. Accept the default as well in Status page. Once done, you may click OK to activate the new access.

Status - SQL


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