How to Install Oracle Solaris Explorer

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Oracle SUN explorer is a collection of shell scripts and binary executable gathers information and creates a detailed snapshot of Oracle Sun system configurations and state. The explorer output enables Oracle engineers to assess Sun systems by applying the output against a knowledge-based rules engine. It will obtains information related to drivers, patches, recent system event history, and log file entries from the Oracle Explorer Data Collector output. Oracle Explorer currently runs on Solaris SPARC and Solaris x86 architectures. Oracle Explorer must be installed in the global zone if you are installing it on the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS).

1. If a version of Oracle Explorer is installed on the host, remove the SUNWexplo and SUNWexplu (if found any) packages before installing the new Oracle Explorer package. Become the superuser and type the following command at the prompt:

# pkgrm SUNWexplo
# pkgrm SUNWexplu

Additional note:
Removing the current SUNWexplo and SUNWexplu package saves the Oracle Explorer defaults file.

2. Extract Oracle Explorer from Services Tools Bundle (STB) using -ext option . To obtain the STB installer options, type

# ./ -help
# ./ -ext

3. Uncompress and untar the Explorer_<version>.tar.Z file

# cd /var/tmp/stb/extract/Explorer
# uncompress Explorer_.tar.Z
# tar xvf Explorer_.tar

4. To install Explorer and create directories called SUNWexplo and SUNWexplu type the following command at the prompt as superuser:

# pkgadd -d . SUNWexplo SUNWexpl

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  • Barry

    Great post guys – the Oracle documentation for this is very bad, so this was a HUGE help. Thought I’d make one point:

    For Solaris 64bit, there was a slight discrepancy in the extracted tar file names, for me it was:

    # uncompress SUNWexplorer_6.8.tar.Z
    # tar xvf SUNWexplorer_6.8.tar

    No biggie; thanks very much for the great post.

    • Thanks Barry for the info!

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