How to Schedule Trace for SAP Background Job

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1. Execute transaction code ST12. In the initial screen, select the ABAP trace, Performance traces (SQL, RFC, Enqueue) and Statistical records (top 20). Basically, you can just accept the default values.

2. From the top menu, (you can get the same screen from initial screen, click on Schedule)

Utilities > Schedule trace > For Batchjob or workprocess

ST12 - Utilities schedule trace

3. Here, it is not necessary to enter all the job information. You can just put the Job name only and define the trace time frame. Click on Schedule trace.

ST12 - Configure Trace Job

4. At the lower bottom, you will notice the trace demon is in green color (active). You will also see the scheduled trace requests status. You can double click on the Log to see the trace demon status.

• Waiting until start of timeframe – The trace haven’t started and still waiting for the scheduled job to be active.
• Archived / Trace collected – Trace job has completed. Trace file is archived and collected.

ST12 - Archived trace collected

5. To see the trace log, go back to the initial screen. You can see them from the Collected trace analyses section. Go for Full screen option to ease the trace reading.

ST12 - Collected trace analyses


• SAP Note 755977 – ST12 “ABAP Trace for SAP EarlyWatch/GoingLive”
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