How to Transport Local Change Request

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You have made some changes in the SAP development system and want to move the changes to the SAP testing system. Unfortunately, error occurred during the transport process,

Transport Control Program tp ended with error code 0247.
Errors: Add to buffer has problems with data – and /or co file.

The transport has been successfully released but no DATA and CO file generated. At last, you noticed that the transport created is Local Change Requests type.


If you are already released the transport, you can follow article, Change Released SAP Transport to Unreleased (Modifiable) to set the transport back to modifiable.

Method 1 (Set target system)

1. Using transaction code SE10, enter the transport number.

2. Switch to change mode and jump to Properties tab.

3. Define the Target System and save.

4. Release the transport again.

Method 2 (Assign package)

1. Using transaction code SE11.

2. Enter the structure name and click change. From the next screen, select GoTo > Object Directory Entry.

3. Change the package, once you change this to your normal package, it will prompt for a transport request.

Method 3 Create new workbench request

1. Using transaction code SE10 > Create > Workbench request.

2. Enter the description and target system SID.

3. Highlight the request number and click on include object from the Local Change Request.


SAP Note 32394 – Change object development class allocation
SAP Note 28967 – Developments are entered in local requests


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