How to Use SAP EPM Add-in via Firefox Browser

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1. Navigate to the folder where EPM Add-in installed (default C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\EPM Add-In).

2. Confirm NP.EPM.Plugin.xpi is located in the directory.

3. Open FireFox and install this plug-in.

4. Restart FireFox.

5. Logon to BPC Web interface.

6. Click EPM Office Add-in button.

7. Excel/Word/PowerPoint link are displayed.


• Please notice that such feature is only supported as of EPM BPC NW 10.1 SP02
• EPM Add-in plug-in for FireFox could not be downloaded from BPC Web download center page as per note 1936264.
• SAP Note 2043928 – How to use EPM Add-in via FireFox


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