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You want to configure the timeout settings of the Internet Communication Manager (ICM) or the SAP Web Dispatcher. The SAP Web Application Server may issue HTTP timeout error messages. If the error occurs, you can use the below steps to overcome the problems. You can try increasing the HTTP_TIMEOUT of the Integration Engine.

1. Execute transaction code SXMB_ADM and double click on Integration Engine Configuration.

2. Click on Specific Configuration.

3. Increase the HTTP_TIMEOUT parameter value – this value depends on your specific needs the picture below is only for demonstration purposes and it does not present the recommended value.


If you click on the Information about this value you’ll see the description below:

****************Description taken from SAP help – F1****************************
Specifies the timeout for http connections (time between two data packages at line level).
This value overrides the system profile parameter icm/server_port_n
(for example, icm/server_port_0 : PROT=HTTP, PORT=50044, TIMEOUT=900).
If you do not set the parameter HTTP_TIMEOUT or if you set the parameter to 0,
then the setting for the system profile parameter is used.

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