Initialization of log for ‘restart’ failed with ‘LogAndDataIncompatible’

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You are performing backup & restore, system refresh for MaxDB database but during the MaxDB startup, you encountered with below error.

Initialization of log for 'restart' failed with 'LogAndDataIncompatible'

SYSERROR -9407 unexpected error
Database state: OFFLINE
Log- and data area are not compatible because 'Restart position not found'.
IOSequence 36272647 not in interval of 30723181 - 31000205.
Initialization of log for 'restart' failed with 'LogAndDataIncompatible'
DBCRASH  Kernel exited due to signal 0(Killed after timeout with state SERVER_KILL)
___ Stopping GMT 2013-04-28 17:28:33           7.6.06   Build 010-123-229-880


1. Execute below command.

> dbmcli -d DEV -u control,control
dbmcli> db_admin
dbmcli> db_connect
dbmcli> db_execute clear log
dbmcli> exit

2. Start the MaxDB database again!

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