Install BASH Shell in HP-UX

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1. Go to below URL page to download the BASH shell and the run time dependencies. Beware to download based on your operating system and architecture system. In this example, we are going to download HP-UX 11i v2 (HP-UX 11.23) on Itanium architecture and the run time dependencies are gettext, libiconv, termcap.

2. Put all the downloaded packages into /tmp and extract them all.

# cd /tmp
# gunzip <all-your-downloaded-files>

3. Install the run time dependencies first, followed by BASH shell. In the window, select the package and then go to Actions -> Install.

# swinstall -s /tmp/<your-run-time-dependencies>
# swinstall -s /tmp/<your-bash-shell-depot>

4. After installation is done, start the BASH shell.

# /usr/local/bin/bash

5. Add /usr/local/bin into /etc/PATH and save!

# vi /etc/PATH
# export PATH=$(cat /etc/PATH)

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