Install & Run Android on Windows (using VirtualBox)

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Download, install and configure the VirtualBox. The virual machine settings,

General / Basic
Name: Android (up to you!)
Type: Linux
Version: Other Linux

System / Motherboard
Base Memory: We have set to 800MB

System / Processor
Processor(s): 1 CPU

Storage: 10GB (5GB should be enough)

Download the Android installer

Installation Steps

1. Start virtual machine and load the ISO image of the android installer.

Android Installation - Select start-up disk

2. Select Installation – Install Androi-x86 to harddisk.

Android Installation - Install Android-x86 to hard disk

3. Define the partition to install. Choose Create/Modify partitions.

Android Installation - Create or Modify partitions

4. Choose New to create the partition from free space.

Android Installation - Create new partition from free space

5. Select primary.

Android Installation - Create a new primary partition

6. Define the size.

Android Installation - Partition size

7. Press Bootable to the partition sda1  (you will see the Boot under the Flags).

Android Installation - Toggle bootable flag of the current partition

8. Select Write.

Android Installation - Write partition table to disk - this might destroy data

9. Type yes to confirm the write.

Android Installation - Confirm to write partition table to disk - this might destroy data

10. Once the write is done. Choose Quit. You will get the below screen. Now, select the partition to install.

Android Installation - Select partition to install

11. Select ext3 filesystem type.

Android Installation - Select filesystem type ext3

12. Select Yes to confirm the ext3 filesystem format.

Android Installation - Confirm to format type ext3

13. The formatting will begin.

Android Installation - ext3 formatting

14. Install the boot loader GRUB.

Android Installation - Install Boot Loader GRUB

15. Install the directory as read and write.

Android Installation - Install Directory as Read & Write

16. The installation will begin.

Android Installation - Installing Begin

17. The Android installation is complete!

Android Installation - Installation Complete

18. The next screen will need you to define the language, select Wi-Fi (can be skip), provide Google account (Gmail), Google Play account (can be skip), Country, Date & Time setting and personalize name. The setup will now complete.

19. You can now access the Android!

Android Installation - Android Home

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