How to Install/Remove Certificate to/from Internet Explorer

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Install Certificate to Internet Explorer

1. Double click on the certificate and click on Install Certificate.

Install Certificate

2. Click Next.

Install Certificate Wizard

3. Specify the location for the certificate. In our example, we want to place the certificate under the Trusted Root Certification Authorities. In order to this,  you may click on the Browse. Click Next.

Install Certificate Store

Note: Windows stores a certificate locally on the computer or device that requested it or, in the case of a user, on the computer or device that the user used to request it. The storage location is called the certificate store. A certificate store often has numerous certificates, possibly issued from a number of different certification authorities.

4. Click Finish.

Install Certificate Finish

5. Click Yes.

Install Certificate Yes

6. Done.

Install Certificate Successful

Remove Certificate from Internet Explorer

1. Open the Internet Option from the Internet Explorer. Jump to Content tab and click on Certificates.

Internet Option - Content

2. Depending on your intended purpose, select any of the category (Personal, Other People, Intermediate Certification Authorities, Trusted Root Certification Authorities and etc…) and click on the certificate. You can delete the certificate by clicking on the Remove button. That’s all!

Remove Certificate

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