Internet Communication Manager (ICM)

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Web requests are received by the Internet Communication Manager (ICM). These HTTP(S) requests can be processed either in the ABAP work process (for example, ABAP web dynpro applications) or forwarded to AS Java in an AS ABAP+Java  system (for example, Java web dynpro applications). The ICM can use the URL to decide to where it forwards the request (if it cannot reply to the request from its cache). If the request is to the Java runtime environment, it is sent to the Java dispatcher (2b), which then forwards it to a Java server process (3b). The Java server process then refers to the database’s Java schema, if applicable, and uses the Java dispatcher process to send the response back to the ICM. Finally, the ICM sends the response from the SAP system to the user who sent the request (5). If the request is to the ABAP runtime environment, the ICM forwards it to the ABAP dispatcher (2a), which then handles it like a typical SAP GUI request (see previous section). The work process that processes the enquiry now communicates directly with the ICM (4a). The ICM returns the response to the user who sent the request (5).

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